I am absolutely in love with cows, so if you see anything ‘cow’ around the salon it’s probably mine!

Hello! I’m Paige, you’ll see me assisting a few of the other stylists or behind the chair! I’m from Lakeville,MN where I was born and raised on a farm and developed an absolute love for cattle! My journey as a stylist began in St. Cloud, MN and led me up here to Duluth! I’m a you only live once (YOLO) kind of girl so i took the chance, packed up my two german shepherd boys Montana and Haunter who are my absolute babies and all my stuff! Now I'm here! When you’re in the chair whether i’m assisting or behind the chair myself my goal is to make you laugh, feel comfortable, and confident! When I'm not in the salon I love spending time with my boys, glamping (yes glamping), and trying every new thing I can because YOLO!

Fun fact:


Stylist + Assistant