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Revamp your look with one of our color service packages– it's all about you!

We're not your average salon; we're here to bring your vision to life. Just skilled hands and top-quality products.
Our pricing? Simple – service price listed + cost of color used, because you deserve transparency.The prices shown are starting with our new talent and go up depending on which stylist you see.

Ready for a fresh, authentic vibe? Let's make it happen. Please read the descriptions thoroughly to make sure you get booked for the correct package. It's no fun to not be able to get what you want because you didn't read the description. 

If you are a new guest and are unsure of what to book, please fill out this New Guest Consultation form.

Blend + Refresh Me


Revitalize your look with our Regrowth Color and Glaze, or opt for an all-over one-color transformation from roots to ends, maintaining your natural shade or going darker. For those with extra-long or thick hair, please select the EXTRA TIME option when booking, as this service typically takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you desire foils, kindly refrain from booking this package.

Indulge in a luxurious experience featuring our signature scalp massage with a conditioning treatment, meticulous haircut, and a complete style. The listed cost covers labor, and a SalonScale product charge will be added. Maintenance is recommended every 4-7 weeks.

Partial Custom Color


Welcome to our Customized Partial Color experience, meticulously crafted with specific techniques to achieve your desired outcome. For extra-long or thick hair, enhance your session with the EXTRA TIME add-on. This comprehensive service includes our signature scalp massage, conditioning, detailed haircut, and a complete style, typically requiring 3 hours. Please note, this is not an all-over foil.

The cost listed covers labor, with a SalonScale product charge added. Maintenance is recommended every 7-12 weeks.

Transform Me


Ready for a transformative experience? Whether you're aiming for a significant lightening, deepening, or adding a splash of fun fashion color, this package is tailored just for you. Customize your look to achieve the desired outcome. For extra-long or thick hair, enhance your experience with the EXTRA TIME option when booking.

The cost listed covers labor, with a SalonScale product charge added. Maintenance varies: Lived-in colors (12 weeks-6 months), Global Lightening (4-6 weeks), Fashion Colors (6-10 weeks).

new guests

Color Correction


Color corrections require a booked consultation first.
This service is to correct a color, to get you back on the right track to your hair goals. Correction does not typically get you to your goal in one session. Expect 2-4 sessions depending on the situation. This typically will take anywhere from 4-7 hours. We charge by the hour for this service. Prices vary by stylist.Time: Approximately 2.5 hours.

Extra Time


Returning color Guests

1.5 Hour Express Session


Welcome to our express color and haircut service for existing guests! Perfect for retouching gray coverage or an all-over glaze, this one-and-a-half-hour session includes a signature scalp massage, conditioning treatments, and a signature haircut, ensuring you leave refreshed and radiant. Please note, foiling is not included in this time block.

2 Hour Session


Introducing our deluxe two-hour session for existing guests. Perfect for an all-over color transformation from roots to ends, embracing darker tones, or opting for a stunning partial foil along the hairline. This comprehensive experience features a custom glaze, our signature scalp massage paired with a conditioning treatment, and concludes with a personalized haircut and full styling. Elevate your look and indulge in the ultimate salon experience.

2.5 Hour Session


Indulge in luxury with our exclusive two-and-a-half-hour session designed for existing guests. Experience seamless gray coverage harmonized with a partial foil and a custom glaze. Immerse yourself in relaxation with our signature scalp massage, followed by a rejuvenating conditioning treatment. The journey continues with a signature haircut, culminating in a flawless full style. Unveil your refreshed and vibrant self with this all-encompassing salon experience.

3 Hour Session


Experience pure luxury in our three-hour session for existing guests. Elevate your style with an "almost" full foil for highlights or lowlights to add dimension, custom glaze, and signature scalp massage with conditioning treatment. Conclude with a personalized signature haircut and style, leaving you refreshed and fabulous. 

4 Hour Session


Ideal for the effortlessly chic, our four-hour session caters to the lived-in look who like to push those appointments out a bit. Also it's great for those with grays needing coverage but still love a full foil for pops of brightness or depth. Enjoy our signature scalp massage, conditioning treatment, and emerge with a uniquely styled, effortlessly stylish look tailored to your needs. 

4.5 Hour Session


Embark on a four-and-a-half-hour session designed exclusively for our existing guests! Whether you're craving a much lighter or darker look, or a splash of fashion color, this package is your ultimate transformation ticket. Enjoy a complete custom color, signature scalp massage, conditioning treatment, signature haircut, and style. Unveil your refreshed and uniquely styled self in this extended and indulgent experience.


Sometimes your hair just needs a little extra love!

We offer stand alone and add-on hair treatments so that you can give your hair exactly what it needs to look radiant and shiny. Choose from treatments that help with scalp health, hydrate, restore, and smooth.

Flowerfall Spa Hair Treatment


This service is designed to awaken the youth of the scalp and hair. Tones with an energy boost. Protective shield against oxidative stress. Creates moments of holistic wellness in the salon. This service can be added to any other service or can be booked alone. It includes a relaxing shampoo, blow dry, and light style after treatment. Please allow 45 minutes for this service.

 Scalp or Hair Treatment


Our IN Scalp and Hair Treatment is a revitalizing solution designed to nourish and hydrate dry scalps and hair. Infused with a potent blend of natural ingredients, this treatment penetrates deeply to restore moisture, leaving your scalp hydrated and hair visibly healthier. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a rejuvenated, lustrous mane with our IN Scalp and Hair Treatment.


H- Straightening Treatment



H-Straighten is a treatment to help tame frizz by smoothing your hair. It helps restore hydration to restore it back to shiny, smooth, softer hair. 

Recommended every 4-6 months
Includes shampoo and conditioner to take home to maintain treatment.

Additional Treatments

OWAY Rebuilding Treatment - $75+
Malibu Treatment - $45+
Deep Conditioning Treatment - $50


We offer a variety of scalp and hair treatments by OWAY. Treatments for hair loss, to damaged hair. If you have an issue with your hair or scalp we will have a treatment for you. Most treatments require a series of appointments to resolve the issue. We recommend a phone consultation if you are scheduling your first treatment.

Scalp or Hair Treatment



Ready to elevate your hair game? At Hustle + Heart Salon, we're all about keeping it real. Picture this: You, a comfy chair, and a stylist who gets your vibe. Our haircuts aren't just snips – they're conversations. We've got options for every mood – whether you're feeling sleek or effortlessly cool. 

So, grab a seat, spill the tea, and let's make some magic happen with your hair. You in?

Discover Your New Favorite Hairstyle

Our comprehensive haircutting services include:

Signature Haircut - $45+
Clipper/Pixie Haircut -  $45+
Deva Curl Haircuts - $90+
Kid's Haircut - $25+
Bang Trim - $15

Top-Quality Cuts for  All  Ages

facial waxing services

We can help you with your facial waxing needs! Whether this is for the upper lip or for your eyebrows, our team is qualified to provide you top-notch facial waxing services in Duluth, MN.

Face Wax


This service removes hair from cheeks, lip, and chin. This does not include a brow design. Please allow roughly 30 minutes for this service.

Lip Wax


This service removes the hair on the upper lip. Please allow roughly 15 minutes for this service.

Brow Tint


Do you already have the perfect brow shape and are looking to enhance them? This is a perfect option for you. Brow tinting colors the eyebrow hairs darker to really show off the shape you already have. Please allow roughly 15 minutes for this service.

Brow Design by Tweezing


If you typically break out post-wax, or are on medication that prohibits you from getting a brow design by waxing, we recommend you do our brow design by tweezing. This service includes a consultation, brow shaping by tweezing, and trimming the eyebrow hair. Please allow 30 minutes for this service.

Brow Design


The Brow Design service includes a consultation and brow design (wax, trim, and tweeze). To achieve the best brow shape, we ask that clients refrain from tweezing/waxing/shaping their brows for at least 3-4 weeks prior to the appointment. Please allow at least 20 minutes for this service.

Brow Design + Brow Tint


This service includes a consultation, a brow design (waxing, tweezing, and trimming), and a brow tint. The tint darkens the eyebrow hair to enhance the shape. The tint typically lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on the care. This service roughly takes 30 minutes.

Hair Extension + Custom Crown Transformations 

Welcome to Hustle + Heart Salon, where we redefine beauty with a unique touch. At our salon, we believe that true beauty comes from within, but we also understand that sometimes we desire that extra boost. Whether it is from hair loss, or a bad haircut. There are many reasons why you might want or need your own hair transformation. 
 We are here to help you feel as beautiful as you truly are. It's so much more than hair or adding length. It's about self-confidence, fearlessness, and self-love. It's a whole vibe. It's a glow up! At Hustle + Heart Salon we are 100% dedicated to the craft of creating the most seamless, comfortable hair extensions and hair replacement transformations. 

Radiate Confidence with Long, Luscious Locks

I'M ready for my transformation!

You can rely on Hustle + Heart Salon for all your hair extension needs. Please keep these facts in mind when you request our hair extension services:

We ask that you fill out an NBR interest form before scheduling an appointment. Our hair extension specialist will meet with you to discuss your styling needs.

Call or email us now for more information on our hair extension services.

Get the hair length and volume you've always wanted

Concerned about how high maintenance these extensions will be? Fear not! Wearing extensions is a game-changer, simplifying your life more than you might think.

Maintenance, occurring every couple of months, ranges from $225 to $600+, depending on rows and color services. This commitment goes beyond aesthetics, ensuring not just flawless and seamless hair but also prioritizing scalp health. Regular care is the secret to both vibrant beauty and a healthy foundation for your hair.

Worried about the costs? Don't be! We'll discuss exactly how much your maintenance appointments will be during your consultation, prioritizing transparency in our commitment to finding the perfect fit for you.


learn more about our hair extensions

Looking to split your payment up? We offer payment plans! Learn more here.

Payment Plans

hair styling and special events

Details + Booking

Extension Wash + Style - $80
Wash + Style - $45
Formal Style - $75+
Event Makeup - $95

Looking for Wedding Services? Click Here.


Color Consultation - $40
Custom Crown Consultation - $45
Hair Extension Consultation - $45
Product Consultation - $15

*This amount will be deducted to your service when booked. 

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the products

Our salon uses only the best products for you and your hair while you're visiting us. But what about after you leave our chair? 

If you're looking for high-quality products like the ones that we use in our salon, visit Holistic Hair Tribe. We recommend all of their products for a sustainable, healthy hair solution. 

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