I might be bougie, but underneath the glam, I'm a fiercely competitive tomboy at heart. Whether it's high heels or sneakers, I play to win in style!

Jessica Mattevi - Owner, Educator, and Transformative Stylist at Hustle + Heart Salon.

Passionate about empowering women through the art of hair, I am Jessica Mattevi, the proud owner of Hustle + Heart Salon. As both the owner and an educator for the salon, I bring a wealth of expertise to every client experience.

Specializing in Hair Loss Solutions and Transformations, my focus lies in creating custom crowns and seamlessly blending hair extensions to help women rediscover their beauty. My mission is to make every client feel as beautiful as they truly are.

Beyond the salon, I am a devoted wife to Andrew and a proud mom to three daughters, Genevieve, Emmaline, and Trinity, along with our cherished fur baby, Cedar. My compassionate and empathetic nature extends beyond the salon chair, creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.
At the core of my work and life is my faith and love for Jesus, shaping every aspect of what I do. Join me at Hustle + Heart Salon, where we not only transform hair but also uplift spirits, one beautiful woman at a time.

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Owner + Extension Artist