Hair Treatments

Sometimes your hair just needs a little extra love! We offer stand alone and add-on hair treatments so that you can give your hair exactly what it needs to look radiant and shiny. Choose from treatments that help with scalp health, hydrate, restore, and smooth. Come see us for hair treatment services today in Duluth, MN!

Flowerfall Spa Hair Treatment


This service is designed to awaken the youth of the scalp and hair. Tones with an energy boost. Protective shield against oxidative stress. Creates moments of holistic wellness in the salon. This service can be added to any other service or can be booked alone. It includes a relaxing shampoo, blow dry, and light style after treatment. Please allow 45 minutes for this service.

OWAY Scalp or Hair Treatment


We offer a variety of scalp and hair treatments by OWAY for hair loss and damaged hair. If you have an issue with your hair or scalp, we will have a treatment for you! Most treatments require a series of appointments to resolve the issue. We recommend a phone consultation if you are scheduling your first treatment. Please allow roughly one hour for your appointment.

Smooth Rituals Treatment


Bring harmony and balance to the hair with Smooth Rituals. Our non-toxic keratin smoothing treatment and protein restoration products are formulated without formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients. Instead we use nourishing organic botanicals and safe replacements to create smooth, frizz-free hair that last 3-4 months without compromising your health or hair. This includes an at-home maintenance product.