5 Must Have Products to Get Through Winter

By Jessica Mattevi on Hair Treatments

Survive winter with the healthiest hair possible by using these top 5 products!


Tis the season for dry, static electric hair. I love winter, but I do not love what it does to my hair.

I am going to go over the 5 must haves that will keep your hair looking and feeling amazing even in the sub zero temperatures. If you are from Minnesota you know exactly what I am talking about!

One thing I wanted to mention is at Hustle + Heart Salon we are passionate about clean beauty. We are an eco luxury salon and only use products that are free from harmful chemicals and fragrances, vegan, cruelty free, and sustainable. We love both Original & Mineral and Oway and are proud to carry both at our salon.

Here are the products that will change your life during the winter months and really for every day after that:


This will give ultimate hydration. It gives your dry, damaged or colored hair a boost with nutrient-rich Tasmanian Sea Kelp, containing Vitamins A,B,C, and E and 13 amino acids to strengthen the hair. Certified Organic Coconut Oil helps to quench and smooth thirsty locks.

This shampoo and conditioner is great for any hair type that is in need of a little extra moisture during the winter season.

Best part...it smells AMAZING!!!


This is a conditioning detangler.

Get tangle-free hair with this nourishing leave-in treatment featuring the O&M Signature Oil Blend or Organic Coconut Oil and Macadamia Oil. Native Australian Desert Extracts Quandong and Desert Lime hydrates the hair, leaving it glossy and knot free.

This is a MUST HAVE all year round at my house. I use it to keep my NBR extensions tangle-free and for all three of my daughters and their tender scalps when combing out their hair after bath time.

WARNING: If using over a hard floor beware as it will make your floor slippery. I recommend using over a carpet.


100% Organic

This is a versatile, restorative elixir that penetrates the cuticle to polish, protect, and nourish even the most damaged dry locks with Black Quinoa and Ethical Marula Oil. It’s incredible innovative formula reduces blow dry time AND protects against UV Damage. It does all that while adding soft lightweight shine. This is a product that I recommend for EVERY HEAD OF HAIR! It is our Number One seller and a favorite at Hustle + Heart Salon.

What makes it even better is Oway uses only pure, steam-distilled essential oils grown from their own freaking farms! You can’t get products any closer to nature then Oway!

Last but not least,


100% Organic

One thing that will dry your hair out even more is over washing. Our hair and scalp needs our natural Sebum (oil). When over washing it triggers your scalp to produce more sebum which then can make your scalp unbalanced which leads to dryness, dandruff, and a slew of other issues.

Biodynamic Mint, Organic Orange, Zeolite and Ethical Pink Clay work in harmony to absorb excess oil and toxins from the hair and scalp, while adding volume and texture.

Its all natural soothing and antimicrobial properties also calm itchy, irritated scalps while eliminating odor- causing bacteria.

This little shaker bottle lasts a long time and  works as a dry shampoo, volumizer/texturizer, scalp treatment, AND deodorizer!

Using these fab 5 products as your hair care will make all the difference! I promise!

You can purchase them right from our salon. Don’t live around here and still want to try them? No problem! You can click the “Shop Products Now” under our "About Us" tab on our website or click the link in our bio on Instagram and click “Shop Products.”

Now, get outside and enjoy the winter!

XO-Jessica Mattevi